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Texas Firm Registration Certificate Number: 10064200
U.S. Surveyor, having conducted thousands of ALTA/NSPS Surveys, can meet or exceed your expectations.  U.S. Surveyor has performed countless ALTA/NSPS surveys for national, regional, and local clientele, all the while exceeding or meeting their timetables and deadlines.  Accurate, On-Time, and Hassle Free! When planning an expansion to an existing facility, architects, design engineers, and contractors rely on U.S. Surveyor for their As-built survey needs.  They require exacting dimensions and measurements, both horizontally and vertically, for a proposed set of design plans, which can be delivered accurately and on-time by our experts here at U.S. Surveyor. U.S. Geomatics a Division of U.S. Surveyor offers High Definition Laser Scanning in association with American Lidar with many years of experience . An overwhelming increase in surveying hard to reach areas and projects that can be measured and surveyed that could not be easily measured using other conventional surveying technologies, in combination with GPS U.S. Environmental a division of U.S. Surveyor, providing  Phase 1 and  Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) is provided on Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Properties. Evaluating the environmental conditions as identified in the Phase I and  Phase II, ESA or a preliminary screening process for the purpose of providing Environmental information regarding the nature and extent of possible contamination which will assist in the client arriving at an informed business decision about the property. Providing a level of knowledge necessary to satisfy the innocent purchaser defense under CERCLA.  U.S. Environmental provides, Phase I and  Phase II ESAs in general accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practices for Environmental Site Assessments as well as other site specific data. U.S. Surveyor currently provides a full range of services for Wireless Communications.  We provide site analysis, boundary survey, construction staking, topographic surveys, construction and facility layouts for over a thousand telecommunication sites, including Roof Top, High Rise, Parent Parcel, Colocate, and Existing site expansion. We have the equipment and technology to provide you with a flood elevation certificate for flood insurance for both residential and commercial property or Simple Flood Plain Determination from the respective FEMA Map. U.S. Surveyor can likely provide you with a recertification at a cost lower than what you are now experiencing.  Due to our extensive experience in this area and a technique that provides a superior survey, whether an ALTA or As-Built, U.S. Surveyor can be your one-stop, cost-effective solution.  Accurately, On-Time, and Hassle-Free! U.S. Surveyor offers zoning reports nationwide.  A standard zoning report includes a zoning letter, a certificate of occupancy, and zoning code information from the appropriate jurisdiction.  U.S. Surveyor also offers zoning of the property, permitted uses, site plan approval, and a declaration of conformity. A must for proposed retail and commerical sites.  Site specific to meet your specific needs from cost analysis, flood plain, availability of utilities, traffic counts, specific demographics including negative developmental impacts as well as specific zoning reports, DOT requirements and municipal development requirements. U.S. Surveyor performs property condition assessments in accordance with the ASTM E2018-01 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments.  The scope of work can also be modified to comply with any specific requirements that you might have.  The goal of this report is to identify any physcial deficiencies, maintenance issues, and defects.