U.S. Surveyor is made up of Licensed Land Surveyors

U.S. Surveyor has continued to survey daily and during business downturns, largely due to the fact that we are surveyors who tackle the difficult land title issues. Unlike other national survey providers and so-called Land Survey Coordinators.

We have experienced on-staff licensed land surveyors, licensed across the United States. We solve many problems without the client even being aware, consistently meeting specific time deadlines.

Why trust your important and time sensitive real estate closing to a non-professional survey broker, who simply flips survey drawings with a percentage markup? Try asking them a complex land title issue about your property and the response will likely be: “let me have the surveyor call you.” You may be lucky if you get a call back within a day or two, which is not the case at U.S. Surveyor. Our experienced professional land surveyors are on-staff full time and it is as easy as picking up the phone for an immediate response.

At U.S. Surveyor, we stand as a leader to assure your real estate closing is in safe hands with experienced and licensed land surveyors. We have proven time and time again in multi-million dollar (up to a billion dollar) real estate transactions that we can tackle the tough land title issues. U.S. Surveyor has the ability to bring in-house, experienced, and proven professional land surveyors to your specific project, every day. Our most recent clients requiring land surveys on a nationwide basis all graded U.S. Surveyor with an overall grade of “A” and all client responses reported the highest score for “Friendliness, Effectiveness and Timely Responsiveness.” Each client polled also gave high marks for the land surveys, meeting the deadlines, and meeting the client’s needs as expected.

When you require Land Surveys to be delivered accurately, on-time, and hassle-free by a team of experienced problem-solving professional land surveyors, U.S. Surveyor is your clear choice, as the nation’s leading land surveyor with the expertise to tackle your needs, no matter the complexities.